What Show Series Or Movies Has the Most Celebrities in It?

When it comes to celebrity appearances, one show series or movie tends to attract more attention. Movie stars often make the jump to television. The increasing production value and budgets of movies have encouraged many movie stars to make the transition. More new shows feature a star from the big screen. Here are some examples of shows starring Hollywood’s most famous stars. But don’t be surprised if your favorite star isn’t featured in the movie!

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What show series or movies have the most celebrities in them? It’s hard to choose just one. The list could go on forever. Some movies have more than a hundred stars. “The Big Bang Theory” has over 700 movie stars. Christopher Lee has appeared in nearly every major fandom movie, including Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Lego Movie, and Lord of the Rings. However, the acclaimed actor died on 7 June 2015, so the list is not exhaustive.

Another critically acclaimed Netflix series that pays its stars well is “Friends.” The cast of this series reportedly earns more than $200,000 per episode. Laura Linney and Jason Bateman each make $300,000 apiece for their roles, according to a report from Variety. It’s unclear whether other cast members get paid that much, but it’s worth asking. “Friends” was also praised by critics and won an Emmy for its actresses, but that special has yet to air.

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