Sexual harassment at work in White Plains: Find more details here

As an employee, you shouldn’t have to deal with workplace discrimination. Sexual harassment is among the worst situations one can encounter at work. Despite federal and NY state laws, such cases are reported quite frequently. Many cases don’t come to the forefront, often because victims are concerned about the possible outcomes or don’t want to look like trouble-makers. In this post, you can learn more about sexual harassment and how an employment attorney can help.

Types of sexual harassment

Typically, sexual harassment cases are categorized into two categories – quid pro quo and a hostile work environment. If your boss demands sexual favors to give you a positive performance review or a promotion, it is a case of quid pro quo sexual harassment. On the contrary, if you were subjected to comments, remarks, or jokes because of your body shape, gender, or sexual orientation, it is a case of a hostile work environment. Someone displaying or forwarding nude or sexual content at work is also a form of sexual harassment.

Reporting the matter

Companies have policies for sexual harassment matters, and you are required to file a complaint. In the ideal world, your employer should take action and ensure justice, but you can take further steps if that doesn’t happen. This is precisely where an employment attorney can step in to fight for your rights. They will discuss the legal options you can consider for the circumstances, which is only possible if all other ways have been exhausted.

Meeting an employment lawyer

When it comes to matters as complicated as sexual harassment, you need to have a legal expert on your side. Someone asking you for a date may not be considered harassment, but you may have a case if the behavior is repetitive or crosses the lines of decency. Keep in mind that lines are often blurred in such situations, and your lawyer can help evaluate whether you can expect a positive outcome. Many law firms in White Plains don’t charge a fee to review new sexual harassment claims, and in your best interests, you must at least meet a lawyer to understand where you stand in the case.

As for the cost of hiring an employment lawyer, most firms will charge an hourly rate. Much depends on the strength and scope of your sexual harassment lawsuit, and it is best to discuss things in advance with the selected lawyer.

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