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Thousands of couples file for divorce in Alabama each year. While divorce rates have reduced in recent years, the numbers are still staggering. If you want to file for divorce in Birmingham and are confused about the legal situation, you should definitely seek legal representation. Top Birmingham divorce lawyers take up uncontested cases on a flat fee, and the process can be completed online. How easily can you get a divorce? We take a look at the primary aspects below.

An uncontested divorce

While states may have different laws, the process of getting an uncontested divorce is almost the same. In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree to work together to resolve conflict, if any, and can file a joint petition. Alternatively, you can choose to file for divorce, and your spouse has a certain time to respond, where they can choose to “consent” or “waiver” to the court through a form. If you and your spouse have issues that are hard to agree on, you can still consider negotiation and mediation to reach an agreement. Once everything is discussed, you can draft a written marital settlement agreement with the help of your lawyer, which will be submitted to the court.

Do you need to visit the court?

It depends on the county’s requirements. If you have a clear written marital settlement agreement and there are no evident errors in filing, you may not need to go to court. Your lawyer can complete the process online, and if there is a need to attend meetings or mediation sessions, you can do it online. In other words, you can get an uncontested divorce online. If the court approves the settlement agreement, you can get a divorce decree, which marks the end of your marriage.

Other things to know

If you file for divorce and your spouse doesn’t respond to the served papers or summons, you can still get a default divorce. That will also be an uncontested divorce, and there will be no final hearing. There is no denying an uncontested divorce is the best way to terminate your marriage. You will save both money and time, as a contested divorce can take years. Also, you will have better chances to navigate things with your spouse without relying on the court to make decisions for you.

Call an attorney now to find out about uncontested divorces in Birmingham and how you can minimize stress. 

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