Information Technology and Its Types

Information technology refers to various different kinds of devices and infrastructure. Hardware includes computer systems, peripherals, and other hardware components, such as the central processing unit, motherboard, and hard drive. Some computers integrate these into their design, such as tablets and smaller laptops. Software is not physical and includes data, applications, and programs. In most cases, these are a combination of both hardware and software. However, some examples differ from each other.

Information systems comprise the various resources necessary to process, store, and communicate information. They range from laptops to databases to smartphones. Many people rely on these different types of information. Organizations and companies use information systems to perform essential business processes, maintain marketing campaigns, and communicate with their customers. Listed below are some common types of information technology:

Computer technology includes special tools and software. These assistive devices help people with disabilities use computers, the Internet, and other technology. For example, they can assist with the operation of telephones. A software program can help people with disabilities use a computer, and a telephone with audio-visual capabilities can assist the visually impaired. Regardless of the type of technology, computers are an important tool for people living in today’s world.

Communication between people has never been easier. Thanks to innovations in ICT, globalization has increased. Using online services has lowered prices and widened access for billions of people worldwide. According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), there were seven billion mobile subscriptions in 2015, equivalent to 51 million households. These advances have brought new types of technology to the world and made many things easier and more efficient.

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