How to Use the VLOOKUP Function in Excel to Match 2 Columns

Excel’s VLOOKUP function is a powerful tool that allows you to find a value in a row using two values. In this example, we’ll look at the formula in the Multiple values-row worksheet tab. The key to this formula is that it needs to match exactly. The function doesn’t offer an approximate match option. But, if you have two names in Column 2, you can use the partial lookup option newsgosip

The VLOOKUP function is best for simple matches, such as finding the price of a particular movie. In the example below, we’ll use an excel worksheet with two columns. First, we have a data set with ticket prices for two movies. We’ll select one from List A, and then find the price of the same movie in Column B. The second column, A, contains two records. In this example, cell D11 returns the price of the movie in B11. The other column, A, contains two different times, so cell D11 will yield an incorrect result fwdnews

Lastly, we’ll use the VLOOKUP function to lookup a value in a table. To do this, we need to select the column in the table, and then add records to that column. The references to the lookup value are automatically adjusted. To create a VLOOKUP formula in Excel, you need to specify the name of the table and column. If you have more than one column, you can use the INDEX function.

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