Functional and Lifestyle Medicine

If you are looking for an alternative approach to your health care, then you should consider holistic medicine. It is different from traditional allopathic medicine. Alternative medicine has its own identity, emphasis, and values and does not overlap with functional medicine. Lifestyle medicine is more natural, but is still highly effective. It can be a helpful alternative medicine to orthodox medicine. It is an excellent option to treat health issues in people who have tried traditional methods but have not found success.

Both traditional and functional medicine have some similarities, however. Functional medicine doctors are board certified and have completed rigorous medical school training. Many of them also have additional training. Functional medicine physician, Dr. Rahav, is triple board-certified in internal medicine, functional medicine, and hospice. He also holds additional certification in acupuncture. In contrast to functional medicine, traditional medicine views the body as a system, with individual organs focusing on certain issues.

While conventional medicine focuses on treating symptoms, lifestyle medicine focuses on preventing or reversing disease. Instead of addressing symptoms, lifestyle medicine focuses on achieving a healthier eating pattern, increasing physical activity, managing stress, avoiding risky substance abuse, and social relationships. Lifestyle medicine practitioners may use holistic treatments in combination with conventional medicine to help people improve their health and overall well-being. It also focuses on the body’s environment and social relationships.

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