Choosing green pest control in Bryan: Things to know

Homeowners are often surprised and petrified to find pests roaming on their properties in Bryan. Texas weather allows insects, rodents, and pests to thrive in almost every season, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with the problem. As a prudent customer, you may want to consider green pest control Bryan, TXBefore you make the move, here are some things to know.

A look at the basics

There is no one way of defining “green” pest control. The eventual goal is to keep the impact of pest extermination on the lower side. Pest control products, including chemicals, termiticides, and pesticides, are known to cause damage to the environment and could be potentially dangerous to other species. With green pest control, the idea is to keep that aspect in check. Companies that rely on the principles of green services often rely on eco-friendly products that are non-pollutive to the environment besides using naturally-derived pesticides to the best extent. These services also use products that are less toxic to non-target living creatures. Many of the green pest control essentials are also derived from plants.  

Understanding the approach

There are many companies in Bryan that rely on integrated pest management practices, and they often use botanical liquids and products for generic pest control. In other cases, they may use additional steps such as using traps and bait stations for mosquitos or using borates for termites instead of typical liquid soil treatments. If you are concerned about rodents, look for a service that uses trapping and exclusion as a means to handle the situation rather than rodenticides.

Finding the right service

Besides asking about their green methods for pest control, you should also enquire if the company is locally based and whether they have an in-house team. All pest control services need to be licensed and must have insurance. You should also ask them about the steps they intend to take to keep safety elements in check. Comparing pest control services in Bryan will get easier if you check for independent ratings and reviews online. If a company has been around for years, has good feedback from other customers, and doesn’t mind talking about their practices, it could be an option for you.

Don’t step back from discussing the various aspects of pest control in detail before you hire a company, and always ask for an estimate. Green pest control may cost a tad more, but the price is worth paying.

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