breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation surgery can choose the area of ​​the surgical incision that will be used to insert the silicone, consisting of

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  • Under the breast rail The surgical incision under the breast rail can be positioned correctly. low blood loss and recover quickly It is also used as the main surgical wound in the case of correction or replacement of silicone.
  • Under the armpit or around the birthmark Surgery for incisions under the armpits and around the nipples is more difficult. More bruising and blood loss recovery takes longer

silicone placement

In general, the placement of silicone implants is under the muscle or under the breasts. The surgeon will recommend a suitable position for each person. It depends on many factors including:

– thickness of the breast area

– sagging breasts

– Characteristics of the chest

Preparation before breast augmentation

Preparation before breast augmentation surgery includes:

– physical examination

– blood test

– X-ray of the lungs

– Check the electrocardiogram according to the criteria

– Abstain from food and water at least 6 hours before the surgery.

– Stop taking certain medications before surgery, such as anticoagulants such as aspirin, vitamins, or herbs.

– Stop smoking and stop drinking alcohol in the 4 weeks before surgery.

breast augmentation process

The process of breast augmentation is done in steps, including:

– Anesthesiologist gave general anesthesia before the surgery started.

– The surgeon will begin the surgery as planned with the breast augmentation recipient. By cutting the chest cavity, inserting silicone and suturing the wound.

– It takes about 1.5 – 2 hours for breast augmentation surgery.

Complications after breast augmentation

Complications or side effects that may occur after breast augmentation include:

– pain

– swell

– Inflammation, infection

– There is lymph or bleeding from the surgical wound.

– Feel a lump in the chest

– Side effects from anesthesia and painkillers such as nausea and vomiting

– Possible long-term effects of silicone breast augmentation, such as fibrosis the position of the silicone sagging of the breasts including deformations such as hardening or deformation or breakage of the silicone bag

Care after breast augmentation

Care after breast augmentation includes:

– Surgical wound care You can take a shower during the first week. Because the doctor will cover the waterproof film. But avoid immersion in the water or swimming in the pool. After seeing a doctor for examination and the wound has healed, it is recommended to use a scar cream or silicone sheet to cover the scar.

– Breast care after silicone implant It is recommended to wear a strapless bra for at least 1 month, avoiding pressure on or hitting the chest area. and exercises that use a lot of arms in the first month

– Other care includes refraining from smoking and alcohol. including fermented food at least 2 weeks after surgery

– long term care Regularly self-examine your breasts and have a scheduled mammogram.

Age and breast augmentation

In each age, the appearance of the breasts is different. Breast augmentation at a young age and before childbirth will help speed recovery. The chest is quite firm. slow sagging but with high tension And it may take some time before the shape is in place. Breast augmentation in the older age especially after having a child The chest will have some expansion. and flexible make the shape fit quickly But it may cause sagging more quickly. In particular, in some cases, the former breasts are very sagging and may need a lifting surgery.

 Because the surgeon plays an important role in both the preoperative steps. selection of silicone Recommending suitable surgical procedures as well as surgical procedures to be effective and prevent complications that may arise For those who are interested in breast augmentation, they should study the information and choose a standardized hospital. There are modern tools and technologies. In addition, there is an experienced multidisciplinary team for satisfactory surgical results.

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