5 pro tips for working with a motorcycle accident lawyer

You were injured in an unfortunate motorcycle accident in Georgia. If the other driver caused the accident, you can hold them accountable for your damages and recover a settlement, as this is a fault state. However, there is also a deadline of two years for filing civil lawsuits for auto accidents, which means you are literally chasing time. It makes little sense to try to win the claim alone, especially when you don’t understand state laws or how comparative fault works in Georgia. You can click here to get a free review of your motorcycle accident claim, and if you are working with an attorney, here are five pro tips to consider.

  1. Ensure you are prepared. Top injury lawyers review and evaluate numerous motorcycle accident claims every week. While the initial consultation is always free, you cannot expect an attorney to spend hours during the first meeting. When you go for the meeting, bring everything that’s related to your claim, including your medical file.
  2. Tell them the exact version. You probably know you shouldn’t discuss your case with anyone or admit to the police that you are partly at fault. However, your lawyer is the only exception to that rule. Make sure they know every aspect of the mishap and about your role both before and after the incident.
  3. Ask relevant questions. You have numerous things going on in your mind, and it is best to shoot questions on the first day. “What’s your review of my motorcycle accident claim?” “What are the possible outcomes?” “What factors may adversely impact the settlement?” “Have you worked on similar cases?” – These are typical things to discuss.
  4. Listen to your lawyer. Chances are high that an attorney will tell you the dos and don’ts you must follow until the claim is settled. They are interested in the final settlement as much as you are, and it is always wise to pay heed to their advice. Do not talk to the claims adjuster, and avoid posts on social media.
  5. Don’t bug your lawyer. It can take months to recover the final compensation, and your lawyer is already doing the best they can based on factors in their control. While you can contact them, when necessary, don’t expect an update every week.

Finally, always respond to calls and emails. Your motorcycle accident lawyer may have questions as they investigate things further and uncover new facts. 

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